Waldmann Brewery - January 10, 2019

Gary Bruggeman: Minnesota's Oldest Murder Mystery, the Case of Ed Phelan

Event is free. Registration for the presentation is limited, first-come, first served. For History Revealed questions, please call RCHS at 651-222-0701 or email robyn@rchs.com.

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Thursday, January 10, 2019
Gary Bruggeman, Minnesota's Oldest Murder Mystery, the Case of Ed Phelan
Presention will be 7:30-9:00 pm

Please RSVP below to attend the presentation. Please do not register here for reservations for lunch or dinner. For Waldmann's lunch or dinner reservations, contact them directly at 651-222-1857.

It’s RCHS Day at Waldmann Brewery & Wurstery!
On the second Thursday of each month, 10% of all sales to RCHS members and their guests will be donated to the Ramsey County Historical Society!

RCHS members and supporters are encouraged to come and enjoy a lunch/dinner/drink at Waldmann throughout the day, or time your dinner so that you can stay for the presentation immediately after. So come on in and raise a toast to history!

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